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      As a pre-loading car, the pursuit of superior user experience and differentiation is an important goal of their continuous improvement. How to make the icy car through creative ideas, so that users feel the caring and enthusiasm brought by the car enterprise for the user experience design, the car factory has done more in-depth thinking, we participated in the research and application development of many pre-installed projects.


      Thread has created the myth of the CAN protocol development to adapt to a car for 2 hours. It has invested nearly eight years in the development of big data, user operations, intelligent network, connected driving and intelligent multimedia systems.

      Intelligence is the way to win, the same research and development, leading is the way of thinking. We realized early on that the combination of the car and the Internet required a complete "transport gateway" to open up the second line. In the process of growing up for 8 years, we continue to integrate ideas and data into our products. In the field of professional CAN bus protocol development, we provide products and solutions for Toyota, Honda, BMW, Chery, Geely, Mazda, Changan and tier 1 companies.

      Each of the following cases will reflect our unique and wise brand charm.









      Some Thoughts on the Development of Future Intelligent Networked Automobiles

      With the rise of Industry 4.0 and the Internet, the pre-loading enterprises will break the myth of “interconnecting traditional enterprises”, from basic mass production to user operations and services, and adopt “smart gateways” to open channels for communication between vehicles and users. Service and contact. Whether it is a car company or a 4S group dealer, once an electric shock user, there will be an unprecedented flood of power, from the preferential, insurance, maintenance, repair, travel activities and users close contact, better understand user needs, solve user pain points, It is the soul of accumulating word of mouth and taming the brand. We connect users through data, and mine deeper user driving habits, LBS, consumption, Tucao, active areas, accurate output, and blow.

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      The intelligent networked car is a smart car with distinctive cross-border integration characteristics. It has become the most important innovation carrier in the process of transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. We understand it as a technology based on artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, big data and other intelligent, networked cars, will become "a robot that will walk.

      The Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automobile Industry jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology put forward that "China will strive to enter the ranks of the world's automobile powers after 10 years of continuous efforts, and the new energy vehicles and intelligent network will be adopted on the route. As a breakthrough, the automobile leads the whole industry's transformation and upgrading, with the overall idea of focusing on automobiles and focusing on intelligence and taking into account network connectivity.

      Intelligent networked vehicles will provide safer, more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable modes of travel and integrated solutions.

      Under the current state, the development of Internet smart terminals, new energy, automotive intelligent networking, unmanned driving and other technologies has not only led to the disputes of traditional auto companies such as Changan, SAIC, GAC, BAIC, Dongfeng, BYD, Chery and Geely. The phase layout is more involved in Internet information companies such as LeTV, Botai, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. These companies are trying to actively develop the industrial chain and supply chain through cross-border cooperation and investment mergers and acquisitions.

      The new ecology optimizes the traditional models of automotive, maintenance, finance, insurance, transportation, transportation, security, and consumer business to gain new value. We still use the service vehicle cloud service platform, new energy, intelligent network and tier1 big data and automatic driving as the strategic direction of enterprise development, and develop intelligent network data application and electronic innovation to achieve product-oriented "value." The transition from a chain to a user-centered “ecosphere”.

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