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      Theard Technology is a “tailor-made” time-sharing solution for the new energy electric vehicle time-sharing industry. It is determined to provide more efficient and convenient time-sharing services for corporate customers and time-sharing leasing industries. Our time-sharing platform enhances the user experience and makes it easier and convenient for users to pick up and return cars. Let enterprises more efficient and efficient vehicle management, site management, charging pile management, and dispatcher management. Reduce the risk management of the vehicle to the vehicle while reducing operating costs.



      What can we offer for an operational platform:

      1. Deployment of the server software platform.

      2. 2. Vehicle data management for station and tourist attractions; dispatching personnel and scheduling work arrangements.

      3, member audit certification, member order tracking processing, member complaint handling, member care.

      4, powerful monitoring system, accurate GPS tracking and positioning, track playback, to eliminate illegal use of vehicles, reduce idle vehicles, insufficient parking spaces and other alarms.

      5, time, mileage combined with the frequency of car scheduling; flexible time-sharing lease price configuration on weekdays, weekends, holidays, specific time.

      6, support for marketing activities such as packages and coupons, and a variety of operational reports.

      7. Financial reconciliation, invoices and statements.

      8, can be operated in multiple cities, can provide operators to settle in, the platform monitors operators, and settles with operators



      Sharing electric timeshare rental car TBOX equipment:

      1. Open the hardware API interface protocol, which can specify the IP address and domain name. The data is directly uploaded to the specified server address through the cellular network, and the data directly reaches the client server, ensuring the privacy of the data.

      2. The continuous increase of the model has enhanced the competitiveness of the time-sharing platform. When it comes to new models, it needs to be adapted. All docking can be completed within 2 days, which greatly shortens the development time and cycle for the platform.

      3. Provide relevant data and functions:

      1. Real-time data reporting of vehicles, remaining power, coordinates, speed, mileage, key status, door and window information, gear position and real-time data of BMS battery management system.

      2, network / Bluetooth control to open the door, close the door, flashing lights, whistling, power on and off.

      3. Notification of key event messages such as ignition and flameout.

      4. Vehicle failure and battery failure reporting.

      Why are we the best choice:

      1. The timeshare solution is open enough for large, medium and small electric car rental companies, covering rental industries such as passenger cars, enterprise vehicles and smart electric logistics vehicles.

      2. Support various leasing models such as time-sharing, self-service leasing, short-term rent and long-term rent.

      3. Provide professional operation and maintenance platform and marketing platform to reduce the investment, system operation and maintenance and promotion cost of the enterprise in IT system facilities.

      4. Users can query and book all online vehicle information through mobile APP or WeChat, and provide users with multiple choices, such as price comparison and service rating.

      5. Regional leasing enterprises can be integrated into operational alliances through platforms, sharing charging pile facilities, and providing better shared charging services for car rental users.




      1. The difference in experience

      8 years of development of automobile bus protocol, 4 years of experience in vehicle TBOX development, and the first new energy field in China's 2014 time-sharing lease. The car TBOX has a good time, the bus protocol adaptation time is short, and there are more than 20 cooperation cases in China.

      2. An open mind

      Cooperative customers can choose platform deployment mode, self-developed platform mode, hardware integration mode, software and hardware combined with siege mode, sign exclusive agreement mode, technology share mode and so on.

      With more than 3 years of experience, we have realized differentiated functions and superior stability. The car-level TBOX device can realize the remote power-off and avoid remote control of the vehicle by switching the door and whistle flashing control through the network or Bluetooth. After the user returned the car after the car, the company saved the company's expenses. Automatically switch the communication mode according to the network conditions, effectively solving the car experience when the network condition is poor.

      3. A powerful alarm system

      When the vehicle is used for unauthorized use, the vehicle equipment is lost, the vehicle power is too low, the vehicle is idle for too long, and the parking space of the station is insufficient, it will automatically alarm.

      4.  The group car, official car

      Support group members, the group can use specific stations, packages, pricing strategies. Support the monitoring, management and car approval of official vehicles.

      5. Avoid breaking the line and solve the typical problems in actual operation

      Solved the problem that the vehicle was illegally started, the signal of the base station was poor, the vehicle was lost, the long-term idle, the key was taken away when the vehicle was returned, the installation cost was high, the time was long, and the random wiring was unstable.

      6. Diversified marketing promotion through invitations, promotions, gift-time experiences, distribution and other mechanisms.


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