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    2. 品牌內涵

      The Thread logo was designed in August 2011 by the company.

      We think the car needs a black box like the one inside the aircraft cabin. There are two elements in the design, namely the box, and there are some differences between other companies in the automotive industry. We are all a group of craftsmen. The hammer may better represent the attitude and responsibility of us to do a good job for many years. We will be family. The house blends with the windows to create a space of love, unity and up.

      The hammer is symmetrical and perpendicular to each other in the rounded square Pandora's box, representing the center of the customer and the family, symbolizing each other's hearts and minds.

      The hammer takes the initial letter "T", symbolizing the THREAD of the thread, and also symbolizes the Telematics, the car T-BOX itself. Connect the entire world through THREAD. The outline of each letter refers to the essence of circuit design and software code, and the use of regular strokes means that we make the most stable and reliable products.

      The transparent erect hammer represents the "unlimited value" behind the fine workmanship that is to be conveyed to consumers and businesses. It includes our excellent quality, exceeding expectations, vocalization, innovation and integrity of car safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. .

      Red represents burning, speed, passion and enthusiasm. The blue blocks represent technology, top and deep digging, step by step, solidly steadily moving to win the customer's smile.



      Hello everyone!

      Thread is able to "work through the car, create a smart ecology of the car" for the purpose and make unremitting efforts.

      In 2016, it is a year in which Thread has grown solidly under the guidance of the Year of the Product, the Year of the Brand, the Year of Wealth, and the Year of Service. "Quick service, in order to withstand the wind and rain, in order to obtain customer recognition." Thread has grown solidly step by step, with a "stable business foundation" trunk, in order to breed a "better solution" And the industrial layout of 2017 “time-sharing industry big strategy”.

      In 2016, it was a year that has been harvested by Thread and many domestic partners. Under the guidance of national policies, the new energy electric vehicle industry's time-sharing leasing market is booming, and the rapid sharpening has also opened the first year of actual combat in China. The operation of 52 time-share leasing platform operators in the country, such as joint sharing, one-step car, and car rental, is the result of the rapid development of the car TBOX in China. We hope to provide higher quality, cost-effective products and lightning-like bus adapters made in Japan, so that more customers can experience the fast-reaching solutions and the ultimate experience.

      In 2016, paying attention to social welfare business services is still an important part of our corporate responsibility. We are actively carrying out various technical services in the fields of environmental protection, traffic safety, personnel training and emergency center vehicles. In the field of traffic safety, we began a more diversified attempt to provide free technical services to the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Wuhan and Shenzhen 120 Emergency Centers with the theme of “Easy Management”. In addition, we have carried out cross-regional employee volunteer activities, together with local employees, through the donation of materials and voluntary blood donation to bring positive energy to the society. We hope to contribute to the harmonious development of Chinese society through a series of public welfare activities.

      Environmental responsibility

      Adopt fine management, not waste a material, not waste food, water and electricity, save resources, talk and be elegant, and build a beautiful home

      Safety responsibility


      Speedru has always been committed to the goal of car safety first, and implements comprehensive safety measures such as people, transportation, environment, and the Internet, and continuously innovates to develop more sophisticated products and technologies to provide a perfect product experience.

      Adhere to the concept of integrated safety management, and strive to create a system that can jointly operate the underlying automotive technology, network communication technology, and cloud interconnection technology to provide the best support for drivers and customers. Based on this, Thread has developed a series of solutions including ADAS, vehicle control, connected driving and safe rescue.



      Employee responsibility


      We focus on employee protection, communication, growth and development, safety and health. In accordance with the fair, open and equal employment rules, we reject discrimination based on race, gender, color, religion, marriage, etc., resolutely oppose child labor, forced labor, etc., sign labor contracts with employees in accordance with the law, and provide five insurances and one gold. Established a humanized and diversified welfare system to provide employees and their families with generous benefits.

      We will, as always, step by step, solidly bring customers a sense of success, smile, and steadily move forward, and strive to become "a company that is favored by customers" and "a company that has chosen to bring our customers a successful value!"




      The company is technology-driven, using the mentoring and inheritance and on-site automotive CAN bus acquisition and installation for long-term training, so that everyone walks in their own positions to ensure the implementation of work and product quality, resulting in full staff.

      Each new employee has an instructor. Through excellent personnel training and continuous training, the company continuously injects new blood into the company. As time goes by, the speed of the blood flow is everyone's blood, and walk side by side.



      The strict repeated testing and verification of the 1285 models of the 14 model brands polished their skills, and continued to improve the pursuit of the ultimate, each line of code contains the enthusiasm and seriousness of the engineers, and the speed is good, people believe that quality comes from Heart, not from the hand.

      We have done this for 8 years, not relying on opportunism, but practice makes perfect. The industry thinks that we are doing high-tech, black technology. In our eyes, these are our basic skills.



      The accumulation of in-vehicle TBOX and technology we have built has high quality, high reliability and high durability. It cannot be simply defined as “good” but as “good”.

      The speed of all products has a one-time pass rate higher than 98%. The car bus data adaptation is basically completed within two hours. We docked a number of OEMs such as BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chery, Geely, Changan, Haima, etc. It has docked the world-renowned companies such as Alpine, Bosch and Hangsheng. The platform has docked the giant automobile Internet platforms such as Neusoft and Lenovo to provide the best technology for consumers' needs and customers' needs.

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